Catherine Sagias, Your Nurse Practitioner at Adelaide Medical Centre

Catherine has a passion for helping patients with chronic diseases with a particular interest in helping patients put their diabetes in to remission, losing weight and improving their overall metabolic health.

Over the years she had noticed that there was not a lot of support for patients around the low carb approach in the same way there was around low calorie/ low fat diets. This did not seem fair to her as everyone deserves a choice when finding ways to help them lose weight and improve their metabolic health. This is because one diet doesn’t fit all and if patients are not aware of other approaches this choice is taken away from them. Therefore, she decided to develop her own website to provide this information so patients could make their own informed choice with the most up to date evidence and information available.

Catherine has studied the benefits of a low carb/real food approach on metabolic health for over 14 years and during this time has gained a lot of knowledge around this subject. She is also trying to reverse her own insulin resistance following a low carb real food approach and is able to bring together her own knowledge, experience and empathy when consulting with her patients. She has been asked to do a number of talks to undergraduate nurses as well as other practice nurses around the area in regards to diabetes in remission and training around a Low Carb/Real Food approach. She is also one of the admins of the Low Carb/ Real Food Nurse forum and helps to gather relevant evidence and data to help other nurses around the country wanting to support their own patients around this way of eating and better their metabolic health.

Catherine is also a proud ambassador for the Public Health Collaboration which is a registered charity (No. 1171887) dedicated to informing and implementing healthy decisions for better public health.