This is a really good and informative website all about different types of sweeteners:


Low-carb sweeteners, the best & the worst ⬅️ Click here

Sweeteners can be ok in moderation (for most people), especially at the start of your journey and by choosing the ‘better types’ as listed in the website above.

⚠️ But remember

The aim of being on a Low-carb diet is to eliminate sugar cravings and balance your sugar levels in your body. With some people, sweeteners can still promote sugar cravings and sometimes can stimulate the pancreas and insulin production. If you feel you are still getting sugar cravings it could be down to your sweetener intake and I would suggest reducing this. Over time, being on a low-carb diet, sugar cravings should subside and anything you eat that is sweet in taste you will start to find it tasting ‘too sweet’. This happens a lot with people who stop taking sugar in their tea completely and as soon as sugar is added back they dislike the taste of sweet tea and cannot drink it anymore with sugar added.