Food Swaps

Pasta, spaghetti & Noodles: Carbs = 75.6g/100g

Swap pasta for spiralised veg such as carrots courgettes:

Carrots: Carbs = 7.7g/100g, Courgette: Carbs = 1.8g/100g

You can also swap pasta for zero noodles also known as Shiritaki noodles:

Shiritaki: Carbs = 0g/100g

You could even try swapping the pasta for shredded cabbage which is a nice and simple alternative:

Cabbage: Carbs = 4.1g/100g

Rice: Carbs = 85.1g/100g

A good lower carb alternative to rice is Quinoa:

(not to be confused with couscous)

Quinoa: Carbs = 55.7g/100g

Or an even better low carb alternative is Bulgur Wheat:

Bulgur Wheat: Carbs = 18.7g/100g

Another alternative to Rice is ‘Cauliflower rice’ you can make this yourself or buy it frozen in little packets ready to use:

Cauliflower: Carbs = 4.4g/100g

The exact same can be done with Broccoli to make Broccoli rice:

Broccoli: Carbs =3.2g/100g

Celeriac rice has a nice nutty flavour to it:

Celariac: Carbs = 2.3g/100g

Potatoes: Carbs = 19.6g/100g

Instead of making mash potatoes you can make swede mash:

Swede: Carbs = 5.0g/100g

Or even cauliflower mash (add a bit of cheese and butter to make it extra tasty)!

Cauliflower: Carbs = 4.4g/100g

Try roasting some Swede instead of roast potatoes:

Swede: Carbs = 5.0g/100g

Or even roast some Butternut Squash:

Butternut Squash: Carbs = 8.3g/100g

This can even be done with Parsnips:

Parsnips: Carbs = 12.5g/100g

Roasted Celariac is a great alternative for roast potatoes:

Celariac: Carbs = 2.3g/100g

Flour: Carbs = 73.5g/100g

Almond flour is a great low carb alternative to normal flour and gives everything a nice nutty taste:

Almond Flour: Carbs = 6.9g/100g

You can also try coconut flour:

Coconut Flour: Carbs 16g/100g

Try Flaxseed/linseed ‘milled’ when baking your own low carb bread:

Flaxseed: Carb = 3.0g/100g

A really good low carb flour alternative is fibre flour:

Tip if you are feeling very adventurous you can even make your own pasta with this flour

Fibre Flour: Carbs = 15g/100g

Cricket Flour, (yes…the insect kind). High in protein and zero carbs you can even make cakes an brownies from this (not for the faint hearted, but many countries use this flour for their baking):

Cricket Flour: Carbs = 0g/100g