Low-Carb on a Budget

Some people find that a Low-Carb way of eating is expensive and they cannot afford to do it. However, it doesn’t have to be! In time you will feel less hungry, wont be picking and snacking on extra foods throughout the day which in turn will lead to buying less food!

The key is to:

Have a look at the Diet Doctor website for more tips and tricks

(The cost are in $ but the principal is exactly the same)!!!

This is a great book called Low-Carb on a Budget by Paleo Canteen they also have a digital version which is cheaper:

You can get a Free Taster of the book if you sign up and free recipient

This is another great resource by Dr Mark Cucuzzella & Kristie Sullivan PHD

A great leaflet from Public Health Collaboration Click here to see the PDF version:

And here is a great article called ‘Eat to beat diabetes: NHS expert DR DAVID UNWIN and chef KATIE CALDESI show you how tasty proof low-carb recipes can also be low-cost from Dr David Unwin with Chef Katie Caldesi’

Click HERE to have a look



7 Cheap Low-Carb Meals: (Keto is another type of low carb but more of a strict version)