Hey everyone!!!

Hope you are all doing well, keeping safe and enjoying life as things are potentially getting back to the so called ‘normal’.

Hopefully you have managed to look around the website and looked at all the resources available to help you with your Low-Carb journey?

The website www.amclowcarb.com was developed alongside a University project which im currently undertaking and I would be ever so grateful if you would be able to provide some feedback regarding the website.

It shouldnt take any longer than 5 minutues to compleate and it will give me a better understanding of what you like or dislike about the website. This will also give you an oppitunity to comment if there any other types of information you would like to be added to the website in the future.

Please click the link below to enter the survey form:

Adelaide Medical Centre: Low-Carb Website Feedback Survey

Again thank you for taking the time to read this message and filling out the form it means alot

Best Wishes

Catherine Sagias (Nurse Practitioner, Adelaide Medical Centre)